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Let your fingers do the typing!

Tucker Yellow Pages-Tucker's Internet Yellow Pages!

Tucker Yellow Pages-Tucker's Internet Yellow Pages!
Tucker Yellow Pages

Tucker's answer to your local needs.

Let your fingers do the typing.

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Tucker Yellow Pages is a locally owned website. It is not affiliated in any way with any other Yellow Pages, including BellSouth. It is provided as a community service to Tucker. The initial production included some free listings for a 30 day grace period, in order to create the website and make it as comprehensive as possible. .  However, that 30 day grace period is up, and all listings that currently appear are being  contacted, and the businesses listed have the option of either paying for their listing, purchasing additional advertising, or removing it. We've compared our rates to many other media, including the "Real Yellow Pages" and our rates are still the lowest in the industry. 

It pays to advertise with the

Tucker Yellow Pages

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Tucker Yellow Pages-Tucker's Internet Yellow Pages!

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About us...

Finally, you can find local Tucker Businesses on the Internet! It's been a long time coming, but it's worth the wait. We've compiled, what we think, a comprehensive list of the most widely used headings, and contacted most of the major businesses in Tucker, Georgia, and we think we're ready for you to start using our new Tucker Yellow Pages! After all, you, the Internet user, are the most important reason why we built this website. We've found that over 70% of the adult population will use the Internet to search or find their needs. That's growing each day. We also found that there is not a website out there that gives you as much information as we are capable, and are going to provide to you, the Tucker resident, now and in the future.

We update our website daily, so you won't find any outdated information, like other printed media that comes out either monthly or even one time a year. If you insert the wrong information, you have to live with it for the entire duration of the publication. Not so with Tucker Yellow Pages

You can find Tucker retail stores, craft shops, restaurants, professional services, home services & products, banks, florists, churches, local malls, community services and much more.

Give us a shot. Check it out. I think you'll be happy with our  website, www.tuckeryellowpages.com. Your Tucker Business Internet Directory.

Let us know what you think. You can E-Mail us at:

tuckeryellowpgs@aol.com .

Thank you.

Frank Nance, President and Webmaster

Tucker Yellow Pages-Tucker's Internet Yellow Pages!Tucker Yellow Pages

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